2 June 2013

Instagram overview

I've seen a few blogs doing this and thought I'd share some of my recent instagram photos with you lot, too! That's if you don't already follow me on instagram in which case this will be SUPER boring for yourself. But, without further ado...

Starting at the bottom-right (oldest):
  1. My favourite pair of trainers in the world that I always seem forget I have
  2. Myself dressed up as a cat for our friend Molly's birthday
  3. Myself (still dressed as a cat) eating a pastry from the secret bakery at 5.30am. (If you're going to Tarragona for a semester abroad I'm not telling you where the secret bakery is - you have to find it!)
  4. Two parcels I received, both containing zines and one containing a sticker of a hand flipping off the patriarchy with a banner saying "dear patriarchy"
  5. Myself ready to go out for our friend Kat's birthday meal
  6. Myself (again, gosh) hula-hooping on the beach on a sunny day
  7. A pizza roll with a sweet apple jus and a sweet tomato jus on the side (from the Tarragona d'Tapes festival)
  8. A photograph from my trip to the DalĂ­ museum
  9. Spinach and feta-stuffed chicken on a bed of herby rice (I post a hell of a lot more food than is featured here but I was quite proud of that one!)
  10. Another sunny day in Tarragona
  11. Some men wearing tiny skirts and playing swords for an authentic gladiator recreation 
  12. Barcelona street art creature thing (from when Paul came to visit! I forgot I had taken it)
  13. Anarchy at its best - spray-painted outlines of painted-over graffiti
  14. Myself getting ready to go to... the supermarket!
  15. Some honey-roasted vegetables I was quite proud of
  16. And of course, my new sidebar picture
So there we have it! If you want to keep up with my instagram adventures (really though, it's mostly just food that I make or have eaten - I'm one of "those" instagrammers) you can view small thumbnails of each photograph to the right in my sidebar or you can search my username on instagram itself which is oxxomoco.

I'd also like to take a moment to welcome my friend Jack to the blogosphere! He's spent a full two semesters in Tarragona and will be doing an internship in Seville over the Summer. His blog is really well-written, so take a look and hopefully there will be a lot more interesting tales to come!

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  1. Me gusta mucho la foto de la calle con el cielo azul ;) - Itziar x

    1. ¡Gracias chica! Voy a echar de menos esa vista cuando me voy.